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Knowledge transfer in the fields of

sourcing und service management



The areas of sourcing (in- and outsourcing, out-tasking, multi-sourcing) as well as service management are highly complex. Especially multi-sourcing – i.e. the separation and allocation of services to several providers – can lead to enormous cost savings, but the inevitably resulting complexity has to be managed effectively already in the beginning of every project.


The avoidance of unexpected and undesired follow-up costs requires a service design aligned with the corporate strategy, corresponding service level agreements (SLAs), operational level agreements (OLAs) with the affected service departments, target-oriented integration of service partners as well as a systematic management of all of these components.


Thanks to our know-how and long-lasting experience from several projects, we can empower you and your company to effectively and efficiently execute all tasks in sourcing, service and partner management, allowing you to face the future in a relaxed manner and perfectly prepared..



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