... facing a fixed date for the migration of the new IT-infrastructure within the first department of the hospital. Our mandate included the overall responsibility and leadership of the strategic task force of the project. We also were given just a few months for the rollout of the new IT-infrastructure within the first department of the customer.


At the determining day at 7:00 am, the key person of our customer expressed concerns about the new environment (network, servers, clients, accesses to applications, etc.) really fulfilling all the necessary requirements and that he wanted more time for tests. From our customer’s perspective, this however was not an option: the customer insisted on the agreed date of the migration. Otherwise, he would quit the contract.

At first, we feared that the project had failed. But at the same time, however, our guiding principle driven by passion came to our minds. Ultimately, we could encourage and motivate our colleagues with our passion and show them that giving up was the worst possible option. Using the quote by Cicero “the bigger the challenge one overcame, the bigger the victory”, we underlined that everyone involved in the project could only win.

Finally, we placed technical experts as stand-by men who could intervene during the rollout at every floor of the building. Of course, we had to deal with several small issues during the rollout, but we could manage them quickly thanks to the taken measures, as well because of the positive energy and will to succeed of everyone involved in the project.

This experience guides us in any new project and clearly showed us, that every project driven by passion and combined with motivated employees can be lead to success, no matter how big occurring problems seem.



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